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Adams Creek Cohousing Community Member Bios


Even though we are comfortable in a nice house, have invested time and energy to make friends, and have nice neighbors, we still feel as if there could be a better and closer to home "village" experience in which to raise our kids. We are a family of musicians and artists who appreciate good food and fun neighbors!


Becki Rawson, her husband, and our family made the Hood River Valley home 29 years ago. We have lived in various forms of community and look forward to continuing the exploration of an intentionally connected neighborhood with Adams Creek Cohousing.

We treasure the diversity of our area's people as well as relishing the many outdoor pursuits in this incredible location we call home.


About 25 years ago, Jack attended a presentation about cohousing in the Bay Area led by Katie and Chuck.  Fast forward 5 years, we have married and we found ourselves working in Emeryville - Janet directly across the street from Doyle Street Cohousing and Jack a few blocks away.  Even though we wanted to, we never knocked on the Cohousing front door.  But, we have both been intrigued by the concept ever since being exposed to it.

Each of us has lived in some kind of shared housing in the past.  We love living in community.   The appeal of cohousing for us is the fact that we can have our own home for those much-needed "down times" while also sharing a larger community home, gardens, work and play areas with other like-minded people. 

We are now middle-aged, our child has married and has her own family.  She does not live nearby.  Each of us grew up with four siblings.  We lived in real neighborhoods where the kids were outside constantly, creating and having fun.  We are motivated to help make this project a reality as we envision ourselves once again in a neighborhood where there are kids outside constantly, creating and having fun.  The adults as well!


I moved to Hood River 26 years ago, partially because of the water and part due to the incredible agricultural resources.  The recreational offerings in this area are plentiful, with the water being my focus for paddling my kayak.   

I am a single woman, retired psychotherapist with a love of animals. The introduction to cohousing was exciting, as it was a solution to not wanting to live alone the rest of my life.  I tend to enjoy my own company and find community living to give me both privacy and social interaction I need. 
I love to travel and have lived in different parts of the world.  Being among different cultures, finding new and unusual people and customs is what has educated me.  I believe in giving back to my community so am involved in some local volunteering, including local art events and plays. 

Nutrition and health are essential to my wellbeing, as well as the daily practice of compassion.  I have always lived around the availability of products/produce straight off the local farms. This is very important to my plant-based food philosophy.  And, I love to cook.


Twenty five years ago, we dreamed of living in the country, far from town with enough land so that we did not hear or see our neighbors. What were we thinking? It was quiet, beautiful with lots of wildlife, and very lonely. Now we clearly understand and appreciate the value of community. Living within walking distance to town for the last seven years in beautiful Hood River brings a new appreciation for having a close connection with our friends, neighbors and community.

Realizing that we must live in a more sustainable lifestyle, we look forward to our modest home in our cohousing community that incorporates passive energy and water saving features, community gardens and sharing resources with our neighbors.

Having the privacy of our own modest home while having the luxury of a cozy common house where we can enjoy community meals, movie nights, and meeting spaces to hang out with our neighbors will be an ideal setting. We are excited to help make our Adams Creek Cohousing community a reality!


I moved to Hood River in 2005 to live close to my daughter and her family shortly after my husband died.  I am grateful for my family here as well as the many friends I now have in the Columbia River Gorge.  But ever since I visited Sweden seven years ago I have wanted to live in Cohousing, an intentional community in which the members are consciously committed to live in community.  Earlier this year I had the privilege of living in a Cohousing community in Atlanta for more than three months where I shared meals in the Common House and learned to know several of the residents.  Even though I have lived in friendly neighborhoods where people reach out to each other, I look forward to living in Cohousing.


Having grown up in the shadow of Mt Hood, living in Hood River is the right place for me.  My view will be switching from Mt. Hood to Mt Adams and that’s okay, sometimes it’s good to have a different point of view.  My formidable years (a kid) were spent “outdoors” and as an adult I lived and worked many years on small Forest Service compounds, so helping to design and live in a cohousing community was an easy decision for me. 

I’m enjoying life with my new yellow lab puppy, Ziggy.  You’ll probably see me out walking somewhere in town, the waterfront, the spit or some trail in the National Forests. I’m a stained glass/fused glass hobbiest, enjoying reading and I’m working on being a pickleball diva.


John and Everley have lived in Hood River since 2005.


John is a retired clergy person of the United Church of Christ and has been an ecumenical/ interfaith leader throughout his career.  He is an organizer for the Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network and is active in the movement for immigrant justice.  Everley is now a freshman in High School.   She loves drama, sports and dance.  She is highly social and loves spending time with friends.


John has built a lifestyle that embraces community and works for social and environmental justice. He likes to spend time outdoors hiking and camping.  He also enjoys his E-bike.  He is a reader and loves socializing around the table — loves a full house.   John and Everley have a 6 year old ‘rescue’ dog named “Wilbur” and provide home to 5 hens in their backyard. They are committed to Co-Housing and the practice of living more intentionally to model for themselves a sustainable future.


Hi I'm Anne.  I have spent my life in the mountains: the Jemez and Sangre de Cristos, the Front Range of Colorado and now our lovely little village nestled between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams in the Cascades.   


I love folk music, books, horses, skiing, conversation, cool coffee shops and yoga.  I was born and raised in northern New Mexico but have lived in Portland for over 40 years.   As this city has outgrown me, it is time to call a new place home.  So with my two children competent young adults now and my career as a high school teacher winding down, I am excited to join this intentional community where we practice becoming our best independent selves while still being stewards of one another and of the land. 


After raising my family and living and working overseas for 20 years, Hood River has been my home and my anchor. My family and friends are here. But most importantly, my heart is here. As Kate Wolf, the songwriter, said, my soul is peaceful as a “Seaside Mountain Lady”.  And I find that tranquility here.

I have dreamed of living in a “community” with folks who value our resources and life. This reality blossomed when I retired and read an article in AARP about “cohousing”. I visited cohousing communities in Colorado, Utah, and Oregon and am excited to be a part of our vibrant growing community here in Hood River.

The most exciting aspects are that we will be intergenerational, and the architects of our living. As one who is “not so young” (as versus “senior citizen”), I embrace the idea of aging in my own home with friends and family embracing me.  Our journey to found our new community has been one of the “road less traveled” with all the joys, blessings, bumps, and stops that one could imagine.  I look forward to living my dream with an amazing group of people. 


We moved to Hood River 2 years ago to be closer to family and because of the incredible access to mountains and trails.  We spend our time bicycling, hiking, running, skiing, and playing in the forests of Mt.Hood and Mt.Adams. 


We have been interested in cohousing for 20 years and are thrilled to find a group here in Hood River!


We’re currently living in Redwood City, California (which we love) but the chance to live in community, especially with our dear friends, Jack and Janet, in such a beautiful and lively town as Hood River, with spectacular views, and within walking distance to all the amenities anyone would ever need, has convinced us to take the leap.

Peter is an IT manager in the field of sustainability, and Kate teaches ESL to adult immigrants.  Our son, Isaiah, is in his freshman year of college at San Diego State University.

We’re looking forward to joining in making music, meals, and memories with the cool folks of Adams Creek Cohousing, and in living lightly in this beautiful part of the world.


I spent the first third of my life growing up, working and starting a family in southern California. An economic downturn prompted our move to Boulder, Colorado where I simultaneously changed careers from high tech into the food industry and then culinary education. I experienced many life changes here as well, surviving cancer years ago while more recently losing my husband to it. My son continues to live and work here in Colorado, while my daughter now raises her two children in Portland, Oregon. 

I’m fully retired now but that doesn’t mean a life any less busy. My husky rescue dog keeps me active with lots of walks and hikes in Boulder’s dog friendly open spaces. I enjoy drawing and painting classes at a local studio (who knows, my next career?) and am active in our local farming community. I keep busy at home too, still enjoying cooking, baking,  preserving and gardening, reading and knitting in the quiet or too-cold-to-go-out times. 


I’m lucky to contemplate a move to Adams Creek Cohousing in Hood River, Oregon at this point in my life. I’ve met many of the members, an eclectic group of individuals and families 

establishing a living community that supports one’s private life, yet shares resources and some of life’s daily chores. To me Hood River itself represents urban living on a small scale (except perhaps during summer tourism months) surrounded by the seasonal rural character of farms, orchards and vineyards, and the beauty of forest and mountain landscapes. And the proximity of the Pacific coast and Portland grandkids will be the frosting on the cake!


We are excited to move back to the NW with our two kids. We’ve lived in Portland, Chicago, the UK and Colombia in South America. Hood River seems like an amazing place for our kids to grow up.


Cleo, 6, makes friends easily and loves art, constructing and is always up for a play and to chat. Zora, 9, enjoys music, drawing, dance and being in nature. Barnaby’s background is in theatre and circus. He’s British and grew up sailing, hiking and traveling. Molly’s background is in theatre, dance and wellness. Currently she is an embodiment coach and starting an online business called Move To Nourish.


Our long-term dream is to open an arts center for performance and self-development in a natural setting.


All the family are excited to live in community where the best of many talents are joined together and we can walk lightly on Earth during our lifetime.


Gwen is a third-generation Oregonian who has married her passion for the Pacific Northwest with her business experience and interest in community service. She is happiest when she is outdoors and is grateful for the opportunity to work with organizations focused on ensuring that our State remains an unspoiled treasure for generations to come. 


Gwen had a long career with Levi-Strauss & Co. as a national sales manager and has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit world where she has served on numerous committees and boards. She is currently serving on the Friends of the Columbia Gorge Board.


Gwen grew up with 5 brothers, she has a grown son and currently resides in Portland.


I'm a retired union organizer, lawyer, and public policy geek with deep roots in Oregon and a love for its dirt—on the trail and in the garden. I look forward to living in a community that's not too big, not too small, but just right: Small enough that I'll bump into friends and acquaintances whenever I walk to the library and big enough to welcome a newcomer who's eager to participate in its civic and cultural life.  I look forward to reducing my carbon footprint a bit, giving up some of the frenzy of urban life, and sharing meals and getting into good trouble with my co-housing neighbors. 


Maggie aka Margaret Tumas joined to the Hood River Area after moving to the Bay Area after 'retiring'.  Maggie after stopped working with  pharmaceutical companies with Medical Affairs. Her decision to moving Hood River was to be near by her Sister and Brother-in-Law and living in quieter place.


She has 2 children, a daughter-in-law and also soon to be a grandson and also to be in a son-in-law.


Maggie has an elderly (20 years old) cat.  Maggie is also thinking about getting a dog in the future.  Although Maggie she was trained veterinarian she never had her own dog.  It would be happy joining a dog and also introduce for the ACC family. Join us!

"How Adams Creek Got Its Name"
by Tom Penchoen

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