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Professional Partners

We've put together a team of professionals who have experience in cohousing development.


With guidance from our professional partners, we know we'll have a successful project!

Development Consultant

CoHousing Solutions



Urban Development + Partners 

Lew Bowers

Certified Cohousing Consultant

Katie McCamant brings the depth and diversity of her 30 + years of experience as an architect, developer, and cohousing resident to her clients.
She is a licensed architect and coauthor of the authoritative book, Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselveswhich introduced cohousing to the English speaking world. Katie co-founded McCamant & Durrett Architects/Cohousing Company with Charles Durrett in 1987. In 2006, she and Jim Leach (Wonderland Hill Development) co-founded CoHousing Partners, a development company that partnered with cohousing groups. Today, she is the sole owner CoHousing Solutions, a development consulting firm that works with cohousing groups and developers across the US and Canada.

Katie has designed and developed dozens of cohousing communities in the United States and Canada. After 12 years living in and raising her daughter at Doyle Street Cohousing in Emeryville, she now lives at Nevada City Cohousing in the Sierra Foothills.

CoHousing Solutions

Katie McCamant, Development Consultant

A “boots on the ground architect,” Joren is every bit as comfortable and capable with a pencil or computer as with a framing hammer in hand. Adept at managing every phase of the building process, Joren collaborates with Avi Ben-Zaken and Leslie Louis to manage UD+P projects from early conception and design through construction and completion.

Bringing more than 20 years of diverse design and construction experience with projects in the Portland area, as well as nationally and internationally, Joren holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas, a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and is a licensed architect. His broad experience, creativity and passion for the built environment allow him to help UD+P shape Portland’s innovative, sustainable and growing community.

Urban Development + Partners

Joren Bass, Project Manager

Lew Bowers and his wife – Susan Fries – were the founders of PDX Commons, where they now live after moving in in the fall of 2017. I  was the convener of the Development Committee and was the original convener of the Coordinating Committee. I  now convenes the Outreach Committee and serves on the Governance Committee. Last year, I  completed a year-long course of study with Kathy McCamant to become a Certified Cohousing Consultant through the 500 Communities program. Since completing PDX Commons, I have been working with Urban Development Partners to assist cohousing projects get started in both Hood River and North Portland. Prior to getting involved with cohousing ,I was the Director of Development for the Portland Development Commission, which basically means that I was responsible for working with private developers to  implement the plan for the central City of Portland.

Bowers & Bowers Development

Lew Bowers, Certified Cohousing Consultant & PDX Commons Founding Member